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The life of Lil Bibby and the obstacles he had to go through to be famous.

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Who is Lil Bibby ? This Wiki is about the life and success Lil Bibby has done to become a Rapper.

Early Life Edit

Lil Bibby was born on July 18,1994 in Chicago,IL his real name is Brandon Dickinson . Lil Bibby grew up on the East Side of Chicago where he said that it was a hard place to grow up and you experienced alot of different things. As he got older he started to get involved in gangs and then he started to rap about daily life in Chicago and started liking rapping the most active years of him rapping were 2012-Present . He released "Free Crack" in 2013 which everyone liked and he named it like that because he had heard a song by Kanye West called "Crack Music" and he linked to it. When He released "Free Crack Pt.2" People right away downloaded it and more than 120,000 people downloaded it. Right now people are listening to him but im pretty sure when his mix tape "The Book" comes out this year in 2014 more people will be listening to him. The whole world right now listens to him in the statistics its going down but when he had made "Free Crack 2" the statistics went up.

Lil Herb And Lil Bibby Edit

Lil Bibby started his rap career with Lil herb which they made the album named "Heir Apparent" which had many downloads after Bibby had made free crack they sung together but not as much as they used to. They are thinking of making more new songs but they don't know yet.

Where Does He live ? Edit

Lil Bibby is still currently living in Chicago but since hes in tour he is traveling around. He is thinking of moving out of Chicago because of the violence. Chicago is the murder capital currently in the United States having the most highest rate of Gun Violence.

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